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About Me
Master of Integrative Therapeutic Massage & Tantric Arts Practitioner

I am Elara with wholehearted care to you! Full of love and light, I want to help you embark into your natural passions and would like to invite you on a journey into the euphoric world of an exquisite integration, professionally created therapeutic massage and the exhilarative tantric healing arts.

As a 10-year+ Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Tantric Arts Practitioner my passionate belief that both of these holistic therapies are essential for vibrant health. Viewing each individual as a unique, rich integration of body, mind, feelings, and soul. Tailoring to meet the individual body/energy work needs. Utilizing an array of massage modalities & energy clearing, balancing, restoring include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular (Trigger Point), Joint Range of Motion, Sports Thai Yoga Stretching, Tantric Arts, and striving to elicit the body’s own natural healing response. 


Improve Quality of Life with Benefits of Massage & Bodywork & Energy Work Therapies

Prolong life by slowing the clock both figuratively and literally. Bodywork, massage, and energy work are known to slow the effects of aging in a variety of ways, even down to the level of your DNA.

Integrative Thera - Tantric Signature Treatment

Introducing Uniquely and Professionally Designed Integration of My Signature Tantra (Energy Clearing, Restoring, Balancing, Exhilarative, Sensual Touch Under a Light Hypnotic State Based on Eastern Sciences) and Most Effective Therapeutic Modalities Based on Western & Eastern Sciences Include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular (Trigger Point), Joint Range of Motion, Sports Thai Yoga Stretching. Result: Complete Restoration of Your Holistic Self. 

Special:  - 270/1.5 hrs (norm 300)  

 Special:  - 300/2 hrs (norm 350)

- 230 / 1hr



Payment Accepted: 

Cash Preferred  or  Cash App


  • Pro XL Massage Table 

  •  Unscented Massage Gel

  • Sanitized Environment

  • Warm Towels Available

  • Shower Unavailable

--- Deep Tissue Massage Therapy --

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Firmer pressure and slow strokes are designed to relieve chronic aches and pains, and contracted areas such as the neck, back, and shoulders. 

--- Medical Massage Therapy ---

Restorative/Rehabilitative care and pain management are essential to medical massage. Techniques vary with injury, or issue and is based on the individual's needs. Medical massage is tailored to your specific goals.

--- Swedish Massage Therapy ---

Swedish massage is a specific technique designed to relax the entire body. Use of a firm, but lighter pressure on the muscles creates a means for better circulation. This is best for total relaxation.

--- Benefits ---

  • Increase Serotonin/Dopamine/Oxytocin

  • Improve Memory/Focus/Mood

  • Improve Sleep

  • Improve Range of Motion

  • Clear & Balance & Restore Biofield

  • Increase Circulation

  • Enhance Exercise Performance

  • Enhance Stamina

  • Relieve Stress

  • Relieve Pain

  • Relieve Tension

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Promote Relaxation



  • Accomplished Healthcare Professional in Massage Therapy & Tantric Practice of Energy Clearing, Balancing, and Restoring

  • Licensed Massage Therapist (10 years +)

  • Certified Tantric Arts Practitioner (3 years)

  • Always Quality Over Quantity









Let me start off by saying Elara absolutely deserves your respect. She has practiced hands, a precise knowledge of how to heal and soothe your body and a wonderful personality to put your mind at ease. She is a beautiful soul inside and outside and she is generous with her passion and her skills. She was able to identify trouble spots on my back and with gentle care and precise strokes worked through them. Once done with that she was able to stimulate me in ways that I could not have imagined. Several days later I am still thinking about just this amazing experience with this goddess of a woman. Set up and verification was quick and easy. She is very communicative and will make you feel like an old friend when you meet her. I am so fortunate to have reached out to her. And I will be sure to do so again. Till next time...Thank you Elara for your generosity and your healing.

+++ Recommendation! Amazing, Elara is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a great amount of focus on making you feel amazing. She has great techniques like Thai stretching, trigger point, and more. She gives you so much attention during and she makes you feel right at home and relaxed. Threat her well, and she makes sure you are well taken care of. Will see her again and I can't wait!!



I was Looking for an amazing massage, and was attracted to Elara's profile, It looked like just what I needed. I reached out, and it was the best decision I've made in a long time. I had no idea what I was in store for, I found Elara to be one of a kind, and unique in all of the good ways. When I first met her, she greeted me with a hug and welcomed me. It couldn't have been 10 minutes later I felt like we were best friends for years, while I received the most amazing massage of my life. Elara knows your body inside and out, I've never seen anybody this knowledgeable, and this skilled. We laughed, and I relaxed, and she resolved issues I was having in the muscles and joints and left me feeling incredible in every way. I say this with all sincerity, Elara is the best at what she does, her knowledge, her personality, her skills, everything is top tier. She is a true healer, and can do things that no doctor can, they have a totally different skill set when it comes to healing, they can't provide her magic. I had a one in a lifetime experience that I can repeat anytime, what could be better than that. I'm already planning a reason to get back to Colorado. Treat this amazing woman right, she is truly a gift.

I was attracted to Elara's profile as I prefer a massage experience. Verification was simple and her response was quick. Directions to her practice were easy to follow and accurate, and she was discrete and friendly. Her practice is top shelf: clean and nicely appointed, a high quality massage table, relaxing music, and a fully appointed bathroom. She is a lovely blonde and was very friendly and inviting. The massage was Masterful: very good pressure but not too much, with obvious skill and training. She combined a very good therapeutic massage with tantra, which I found exciting and relaxing. Her technique at the end of the massage was amazing, and I left feeling blissful, relaxed and tingling from head to toe. I highly recommend and will be seeing her regularly - everything I would expect from a high end massage with a wonderful wrap up.

Get in Touch / Schedule

Monday - Sunday:  8am - 8pm
Residential Private Practice in Denver Tech Center. By Appointment Only. New Clients Welcome. Light Screening Will be Required to Schedule an Appt.  
I Ask to Please Schedule Minimum a Day in Advance. However, Inquire as Needed. 
To Schedule Please TEXT During My Business Hours (303) 900 - 3525
Please Provide Your Name, Age, Ethnicity, Preferred Date, Time, and Duration of Session in Your Initial Message.
I Look Forward Welcoming You.

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